NHL News: Brayden Point, Darcy Kuemper, Duncan Keith, Corey Perry and Andrei Vasilevskiy
Line rushes for Brayden Point

Joe Smith: Tampa Bay Lightning forward Brayden Point was taking part in a full skate yesterday and doing line rushes with Nick Paul and Ross Colton.

Riding on how many games Kuemper plays and if the Avs win

Cap Friendly: From the Darcy Kuemper trade from the Arizona Coyotes to the Colorado Avalanche. If the Avs win the Stanley Cup and Kuemper plays in 50 percent of their playoff games, the Coyotes will receive a 2024 third-round pick.

A cap savings for the Oilers if Keith retires and the Blackhawks would get dinged, or maybe not

Puck Pedia: If Edmonton Oilers defenseman Duncan Keith were to retire this offseason, his $5.5 million cap hit would be off the books for the Oilers and they would get a $3.4 million recapture cap hit credit.

The Chicago Blackhawks would be hit with a cap recapture penalty of $5.5 million in 2022-23 and $2 million in 2023-24.

Puck Pedia: “Further to @Bob_Stauffer on @OilersNow  today, also hearing that NHL’s current position is that teams should not receive recapture cap credit/benefit, even though calc. is outlined in ’13 CBA Section 50.5.d.ii. There would likely be a discussion b/w team & NHL if Keith retired”

Puck Pedia: “If Keith retired & recapture cap credit is not provided, this raises other questions. Is #Blackhawks recapture cap hit reduced by the $3.4M? If not, then the league-wide recapture cap hit is $3.4M greater than it should be, reducing league-wide cap space by $3.4M than in CBA”

Puck Pedia: “When Luongo retired, #Canucks appealed their recapture cap hit, but were told those are the rules in CBA and nothing can be done. What changed? The only recapture change in the ’20 CBA MOU is that the recapture cap hit in a year is limited to the player’s original cap hit.”

Daniel Nugent-Bowman: “I’ve heard whispers of this, too. Considering the cap recapture rules are outlined in the CBA, this would be some next-level nonsense IF the Oilers don’t benefit IF Keith retires.”

Will the third time be the charm for Corey Perry

Kevin Michie: Tampa Bay Lightning forward Corey Perry will be playing in his third consecutive Stanley Cup Final.

He’s the second player ever to play in three straight Finals with three different teams – Lightning, Canadiens, and Stars.

Marian Hossa was the first player with the Blackhawks (2010), Red Wings (2009) and Penguins (2008).

Who needs an “S”

A point a game

Impressive numbers by Vasilevskiy