NHL News: Patrik Laine was a healthy scratch, coach Pascal Vincent on the decision

Columbus Blue Jackets forward Patrik Laine was made a healthy scratch yesterday.

Laine was injured back on October 20 and missed nine games. He came back on November 11th, scoring a goals. For the next four games he was held pointless and was a -4. In nine games this season Laine has two goals and one assist

Sportsnet: Columbus Blue Jackets coach Pascal Vincent on the decision to make Patrik Laine a healthy scratch yesterday.

** NHLRumors.com transcription

“It’s not, it’s not, so, I know Patrick probably, I’m the one who knows Patrick the most. He came back, his injury, I mean, it was three weeks out. Came back, excited to play. He was clear and rightfully so.

But I know what he can do on the ice. I care about him quite a bit. I know Patrick, the person and I know 29 the player, it makes sense. And I know what he can do on the ice I know is potential and right now, and he’s not happy about the decision. Don’t get me wrong.

But right now, I think Patti needs, needs to take a deep breath. Go back to the working lab and get his touches back, get his shot back, get his confidence back. So he can be Patrick, the number 29 Patrick Laine we all know he can be.

So it was, was a hard conversation. But nobody, nobody, not myself, nobody is bigger than the Blue Jackets not a group of players. And Patrick, we need the best Patrick Laine as possible. And for us, it’s to get back on the ice touching the puck, practicing, moving his feet, feeling confident so he can be that guy.”