NHL Rumors: 2025 salary cap, Nick Suzuki, Morgan Reilly, Johnny Gaudreau and Brady Tkachuk
2025 NHL salary cap, Suzuki, Reilly, and Gaudreau

Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet: The salary cap could go up about a $1 million per season until the players repay the owners. In 2025 is when there could be a big jump in the salary cap.

Think the Montreal Canadiens look to sign Nick Suzuki to a contact extension sooner than later. They may not want to deal with potential offer sheets next offseason.

Believe the Toronto Maple Leafs will let the Morgan Rielly situation play out. It’s not just the money needed to sign him, but what else they’d need to do to fit the money in. With Zach Hyman the no-trade/no-move was was a factor and could be with Rielly too.

Calgary Flames and any Johnny Gaudreau talks are being kept quiet. The Flames would need to make him their highest-paid player.

Ennis could get a deal from the Senators

Ian Mendes: After listening to Ottawa Senators coach D.J. Smith talk about Tyler Ennis, it would be a surprise if he isn’t signed to a one-way contact over the next couple of days.

Tkachuk could miss camp even if signed real soon

Shawn Simpson: With the Ottawa Senators wanting a long-term deal for Brady Tkachuk and him wanting a short-term deal, “that’s a very unique dynamic and negotiation, that is really tough to solve.”

Ken Warren of the Ottawa Sun: Unless they can reach a deal real soon, it’s looking like Brady Tkachuk won’t be taking part in the Senators training camp nor pre-season games. Contract talks could drag into the start of the season.

Some players can catch up quickly after missing training camp, while others can’t according to Senators coach D.J. Smith.

“A lot of guys who miss camp don’t have great years, but then other guys can just hop right back into it,” Smith said. “He’s a young guy. He’ll catch up to the speed pretty quick.”

Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet: The Senators want to go seven or eight years with Tkachuk and he’s not willing to do this just yet.

The salary cap is expected to be higher in three years. He may also not be sure about the ownership instability and may be worried about locking in long term.