NHL Rumors: A Jack Eichel Trade Down to the One-Yard Line? Down to Two Teams?

A Jack Eichel trade down to the one-yard line?

Emily Kaplan: Multiple sources are saying that it’s down to the Calgary Flames and Vegas Golden Knights in the Jack Eichel sweepstakes. Buffalo Sabres GM Kevyn Adams hasn’t got his asking price yet, but he’s working hard to get it done. Sources added that both the Flames and Golden Knights are okay with the surgery that Eichel wants.

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“The saga now has two finalists, the Calgary Flames and the Vegas Golden Knights. There was a lot of work done over the weekend, and I was told the trade was at the one-yard line. There are still some details they got to figure out.

I’m told that Buffalo GM Kevyn Adams is working extremely hard on this, to get a trade done. However, he’s also been very firm on his stance, and neither Calgary nor Vegas has met him on his full demands yet.

And if you’re wondering if Jack’s surgery is part of the holdup, the answer is no. Both Calgary and Vegas, like most of the teams that Jack Eichel’s camp have spoken to through this process, are okay with him getting his preferred artificial disc replacement surgery instead of that fusion surgery.”

Kaplan on what his timetable could be after the surgery and his status for the season and the Olympics.

“Yeah, so the ADR, if he gets that surgery, is about six weeks until he can get back on the ice but a minimum three months until he’s cleared to play. So that does take up until after the All-Star break and likely eliminates him from team USA at the 2022 Olympics.

I will note, however, that the artificial disc replacement surgery is about a two months shorter timeline than if he were to get the fusion surgery.”