NHL Rumors: Are the Arizona Coyotes For Sale and Eyeing Houston? Carey Price and the Montreal Canadiens
Are the Coyotes potentially heading to Houston?

UPDATE – Craig Morgan: NHL commission Gary Bettman said the Coyotes/Houston rumors are “Completely false.”

Eric Macramalla: Forbes Mike Ozanian on the Arizona Coyotes: “for sale again with idea of buyer eventually moving team to a new arena in Houston.”

  • Craig Morgan: Haven’t heard back from the NHL or the Coyotes, but a legit outlet is reporting a potential sale and move. This does go against what the Coyotes ownership and the NHL have been saying recently about their commitment to Arizona.
  • Craig Morgan: Ozanian’s source on this is an ‘unnamed banking industry source.’

Eric Macramalla: Moving an NHL team to Houston makes sense as they already have an NHL-ready arena and Houston is the sixth-largest city in North America.

Eric Macramalla: “With the Arizona Coyotes perhaps destined for Houston, it’s just another reminder of the many challenges Quebec City faces with respect to attracting an NHL team. Overall, it remains highly unlikely Quebec City will get a team.”

Does Price want to go through a rebuild with the Canadiens?

TSN: Pierre LeBrun on what Carey Price‘s future with the Montreal Canadiens is now that there is a change in management.

“There’s a new person running the Montreal Canadiens we know in Jeff Gorton. Carey Price was very tight with Marc Bergevin, everyone knows that. He’s 34-years-old. Where does a 34-year-old future Hall of Famer fit in the plans of a rebuild, if that’s what Jeff Gorton plans to do.

They’re teams around the league, some contenders, I can tell you already that are intrigued to find out where that all goes. He has a full no-move.

We know that he waived for the Seattle expansion draft. That was a very specific circumstance, so that Jake Allen wouldn’t get taken. But, I will say this: it’s all about him getting healthy and back on the ice, but longer term, closer to the trade deadline, perhaps the off-season, I think an interesting conversation perhaps to be had there between Gorton and Carey Price’s camp.”