NHL Rumors: Bruce Boudreau not fired yet but Rick Tocchet will be named head coach on Monday

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Sportsnet: Jeff Marek on 32 Thoughts on Bruce Boudreau and the Vancouver Canucks.

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“It’s almost over. Well there’ll be another chapter to this saga but the first part is almost over.

So on Monday, we expect Rick Tocchet to be announced as the next head coach of the Vancouver Canucks. And as the first intermission panel talked about, nobody likes the way this unfolded. Nobody likes the way this has been handled.

But Bruce Boudreau leaves very much with his integrity intact. His head held high. I think he’s gained a lot respect around the league for refusing to fire back when he demeaned or insulted.

I don’t know if Vancouver is planning to allow him to have a press conference. I think we all hope that they will. So Bruce Boudreau can say goodbye properly.

But, safe to say Elliotte, this slow, long walk to the electric chair is almost over for Boudreau.

Friedman: “There’s not question Jeff that the way Boudreau has handled this is going to open up some more doors for him.”

Frank Seravalli: “Scene: Bruce Boudreau said his goodbyes to players postgame, thanked them for working hard for him and wished them luck.

Boudreau and his staff enjoying a cold beverage in office, players came in one-by-one to shake his hand.

Yet, he hasn’t been officially fired by #Canucks


Sergei Gonchar and Adam Foote could be joining the Canucks

Friedman”Okay, a couple other things here. We’ve been talking the last few days about Sergei Gonchar potentially joining the team as a, on part-time basis or a consulting basis, as an assistant coach. We expect that to happen.

Also, I think another name you’re going to hear is going to be Adam Foote, the long-time NHL defenseman who won two Stanley Cups in Colorado and an Olympic Gold medal. I think it’s possible he’s going to be joining the staff too.”