NHL Rumors: Dallas Stars, and the Montreal Canadiens
Stars increase their efforts to trade John Klingberg

Sportsnet: Jeff Marek reports that the Dallas Stars have increased their efforts to trade pending UFA defenseman John Klingberg.

“This saga continues Ron. Last week we talked about the trade request for Klingberg which goes back to late November, early December. He offered up comments last weekend as well, saying at times he felt he wasn’t appreciated by the Dallas Stars.

Dallas is playing Tampa and John Klingberg now finds himself on the third pair with Joel Hanley. Not a great situation for Klingberg.

We can report today that the Dallas Stars have stepped up their efforts to trade John Klingberg. We believe very much he is getting dealt. Hard to say exactly when, but Dallas does seem aggressive in wanting to get something done soonish.”

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Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman on the Montreal Canadiens GM search.

“I think of all GM searches that are happening right now, that one could be the closest to coming to a close. Eric Engels reporting this week that some of the candidates had second interviews and now it is decision time for play agent Kent Hughes.

Hughes that we reported at the beginning of the search was somebody the Canadiens were very interested in. He’s very close with Jeff Gorton, who is now running hockey operations there, and the Canadiens want to know if Hughes is going to be a candidate and if he is interested in the job.

I think that decision probably comes in the next few days and we see where he goes along with the other finalists who are believed to be Daniel Briere and Mathieu Darche. One other person who by the way who was interviewed was Stephane Quintal from the National Hockey League but it sounds like Briere and Darche are among the finalists. And now we find out to at some point soon is Kent Hughes will be another.”

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