NHL Rumors: Do The Winnipeg Jets Hire Scott Arniel as the Next Head Coach?

TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger joined Jay Onrait on SportsCenter and was asked about the Winnipeg Jets coaching position and he believes Scott Arniel still ends up being the next coach for the Jets.

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Jay Onrait: “And speaking of Craig Berube, you were on TSN radio on Tuesday, and you mentioned the fact that Craig Berube also interviewed via Zoom with Winnipeg Jets on Tuesday. Any update on their coaching situation.”

Darren Dreger: “Yeah, you know, again, Kevin Cheveldayoff is going to approach this similarly to the way Treliving and the other general managers who are in the market are. And I think that Scott Arniel, who was the interim coach when Rick Bowness had to step away to help look after his family and his wife Judy in season and then Bones ended up with his own health issues later in the year and again, there was Scott Arniel.

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So he’s got NHL coaching experience, head coaching experience. He’s a real good fit and the one thing we all know Jay, about the Winnipeg Jets is they’re incredibly loyal from ownership all the way down, Cheveldayoff has to go through this.

So why wouldn’t you talk to potentially the best available coaches? And that’s Berube and McLellan and go down the list from there, but still like Arniel’s chances at this point.”

Scott Arniel Remains A Strong Candidate As Jets Go Through the Process

Elliotte Friedman joined Scott Laughlin and Gord Stellick on Sirius XM NHL Network Radio Morning Skate Segment on Wednesday. When asked about Scott Arniel being a candidate for the Jets head coaching position, Friedman stated he is a candidate, but the Jets are going through a process like all the teams.

** NHLRumors.com transcription

Scott Laughlin: “Thanks very much for joining us as always, and just talking to Gordie before we went to break and talking about the head coaching search for a team like the Winnipeg Jets there hasn’t been a lot of talk with regards to the Jets and we’re just wondering I mean, what’s the process been like as far as you can tell, because when you’ve got Scott Arniel on the bench and having done the job he did with that team when Rick stepped away earlier this season, it would seem to be that Arniel would have to be a strong candidate still, wouldn’t he?”

Elliotte Friedman: “Yeah, I think he is a strong candidate. But I think the Jets are determined to go through a process and do their work similar to Toronto, in the sense that I think the Maple Leafs are going to hire Craig Berube, but I believe they want to go through a process just to make sure they’re not missing anything. You know, the old crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s. I think Winnipeg is determined to do it.

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Obviously, they did a Zoom yesterday with Berube. I think they’ve talked to Dean Everson. Somebody told me last night or yesterday don’t be surprised if they take a look at Todd Nelson. Kevin Cheveldayoff has worked with him in the past but I’ve no doubt there’s more. I have no doubt there’s guys there I’m missing.

But they seem determined to do the process and do it properly. And who am I to argue Scott? I’m just some loudmouth on the radio.”