NHL Rumors: Montreal Canadiens, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Patrik Laine

Montreal Canadiens And The Salary Cap

Marc Dumont of Montreal Hockey NOW: Exploring the idea of trading Carey Price is not ideal from an optics view of the Montreal Canadiens. However, LTIR does not accrue cap space the same as LTIR only comes into play once Montreal hits the upper limit.

If Price’s contract is off the Montreal books, then the Canadiens reap the rewards of increased cap space on a daily basis. Such a move would allow Montreal to up that number for 186 days.

Yes, this is a big logistical difference and would be significant for Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton. Now, there is one obvious problem. Finding a party to take on such a deal at that big number ($10.5 million AAV).

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This will take some numbers gymnastics. That is the reality. However, the reward is big too. Up to $1.5 million of projected space come the NHL Trade Deadline can mean the difference between adding and not adding talent. LTIR inhibits Montreal’s ability to improve their cap space situation.

There are those $11 million bonuses to consider too. Moving Price now would save Montreal from that potential headache as well.

Patrik Laine And The Pittsburgh Penguins?

Dan Kingerski of Pittsburgh Hockey NOW: It is agreed that Patrik Laine is going somewhere. The question becomes where. Laine will be calling a new team home but who? The Finnish winger is a sniper who still is averaging 34 goals a game per 82 and could hit 40 again in the right place.

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Now, Laine is fresh out of the NHL’s Player Assistance Program. His agent and him will facilitate a trade as soon as possible. This means Kyle Dubas has another gold-wrapped opportunity in waiting. Pittsburgh can get rid of some unwanted assets for a top-six goal scorer.

On the surface, Laine represents a Jake Guentzel-like replacement. If the former three-time 30-goal scorer returns to form, Laine with a player like Sidney Crosby is quite a formidable combination.

Laine would provide instant power play help and simply would have to just fire and shoot.