NHL Rumors: Progress with Jack Eichel but not with Brady Tkachuk
Progress with Jack Eichel?

Darren Dreger: Sources are saying that the Buffalo Sabres – Jack Eichel situation could be shifting.

There are ongoing talks with the teams and additional access to Eichel’s medical files have been given. It’s giving teams a better idea of his injury situation.

Both the Sabres and Eichel’s reps are hopeful that something can be worked out soon.

The latest on Brady Tkachuk

NHL Watcher: Elliotte Friedman on the Jeff Marek Show: “I think the Ottawa Senators want to sign Brady Tkachuk for term, 7-8 yrs, and I think Brady Tkachuk has decided that he wants the bridge, and I think it’s for a couple of reasons.

“One of the reasons Pettersson signed a bridge was that the belief is the cap will go up the year he is a RFA …The belief is the big cap bump will be that summer when Pettersson is a RFA.”

Don Brennan: “There’s no way your best player, the heart, soul and face of your franchise, should be missing camp because of his contract situation. No way. Especially when you should be desperately trying to change your public image. Incredible. #Senators

TSN: Chris Johnston on Insider Trading when asked if the Ottawa Senators are any closer to re-signing Brady Tkachuk.

 “They certainly aren’t any closer and when I made my debut [on the TSN Hockey panel) last week I wouldn’t even say that much because there really hasn’t been that much progress on an extension in recent days. In fact, I’m getting the sense that Ottawa is comfortable and prepared to start the regular season without Tkachuk signed.

Team sources say they can reach the salary cap floor even without him under contract to start the year. So, the Senators aren’t feeling any pressure to get this deal done by Monday’s 5 p.m. EST deadline when all teams must be cap compliant. At this stage in time, the Senators remain focused on a long-term deal for Tkachuk, while I believe his camp would prefer something shorter.”

Puck Pedia: To add to Chris Johnston’s report, the Senators are currently $414,000 below the $60.2 million salary floor with a 23-man projected roster.

If they have one player on the IR – could be Colin White – they could add another player and be above the floor.