NHL Rumors: Samuel Girard, and The Fenway Sports Group Approached MLSE
Girard on having his name in the rumor mill

Peter Baugh of The Athletic: Colorado Avalanche defenseman Samuel Girard carries a $5 million cap hit through 2026-27. The 23-year old has heard his name in the rumor mill but Pierre LeBrun reported the Avs have no interest in trading him.

“I hear that. It’s a part of hockey. You can’t control that. You don’t want to hear those things, but with social media, it’s hard not to see that and hear that. But at the same time, you can’t control that. I just have to focus on the present moment and make sure I’m ready for the next game and every game this season.”

The Fenway Sports Group approached MLSE

Sportsnet: The Fenway Sports Group that is buying the Pittsburgh Penguins had previously approached Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment about a merger according to Elliotte Friedman.

“Before they went to the Penguins, someone on their behalf, I don’t necessarily think it was someone particularly in the Fenway Sports Group hierarchy. But somebody with a connection to them reached out to Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE) and said ‘look, would you be interested in a merger?”

Jeff Marek:

“Mmm. Merger?”

Friedman continues.

“Now the most challenging thing about that, for those of you who aren’t familiar with Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment owns Scotiabank Arena, the Maple Leafs, the Raptors, the Argos, and TFC. Rogers by itself owns the Blue Jays and that would be a challenge.

You know, Rogers has a share, 37.5% share of MLSE and they own the Blue Jays. So how would you do that? Can’t own the Red Sox and the Blue Jays. So for example, that would be one the questions they had to work out.

Whatever the case is, at that point in time, MLSE said, it’s not right for us at this time. We’re not read. And it didn’t go very far.

However, a couple of people who work in the banking industry were telling me that they believe that what Fenway is doing is where sports are going. For example, the owners of the Devils, Harris Blitzer. They own the Devils. They own the 76ers. They own Crystal Palace. The owners of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Glazer family, they own Manchester United. And it’s going to go more and more what Fenway is doing.

This is where we’re headed. And you know, what these bankers were telling me was, that’s not going to be the last time Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment is going to be asked.”