NHL Rumors: The Flames looking to deal Chris Tanev east, while the Canucks interested in the west

Donnie & Dhali: Rick Dhaliwal on the Vancouver Canucks interest in Calgary Flames defenseman Chris Tanev and what the Flames are looking for.

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Dhaliwal: “Don, yesterday I talked about (Nikita) Zadorov. I want to talk about Chris Tanev today. There’s a ton of teams after Tanev right now. Tanev’s got a no-trade clause. Vancouver’s not on it.

Some say the Canucks would want Tanev to play with Quinn Hughes. Hughes himself, has management, he has let management know how much of a Tanev fan he is.

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The Canucks keep pushing Garland and Beauvillier on the Flames but that’s not going to cut it. Not even a second-rounder is going to cut it right now. The Flames want to top prospect. The Flames are looking for a young prospect who can play in their lineup right now.

Look at the Tyler Toffoli trade the Flames made last year, Donnie. They got a 25-year-old forward Yegor Sharangovic. He came in, he’s playing right away, young prospect. You can bet they’re looking for players like Nils Hoglander from Vancouver. Insert, young, play. Tanev’s already has rejected the contract offer from the Flames.

But I’ve been told Donnie, the preference is to send Tanev back East. They’re just, it’s going to be hard to get him. They just don’t want him on the West Coast. They don’t want him in the same division. They don’t want him in Vancouver unless the Canucks make some sort of a stupid offer.

Don Taylor: “So in terms of, you just mentioned the name there, Nils Hoglander.”

Dhaliwal: “Yeah.”

Taylor: “Right?”

Dhaliwal: “Yeah.”

Taylor: “Not sending him to Calgary. I mean that something that could, could bite them.

Dhaliwal: “Yeah, that’s right.

Taylor: “Obviously, right. You know, those inter-division deals not every GM wants to make that

Dhaliwal: “Not all gyms like that.”

Taylor: “Those types of deals, historically, but he’s been scratched…”

Dhaliwal: “He’s been scratched.”

Taylor: ” … and we’re talking about three coaches that haven’t been big fans of him …”

Dhaliwal: “You nailed it

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Taylor: “… in Vancouver. Is that, that’s the holdup? Like, they’re worried about Hoglander coming up to bite them, and in the meantime, while he’s only been scratched for the one game, at least this time around.”

Dhaliwal: “But even when he plays Don, he gets eight, nine minutes. He doesn’t have Tocchet’s trust. I know the media get all excited when Hoglander has a good game, but he doesn’t have Tocchet’s trust. On Saturday, a couple of mistakes on a Toronto goal and he’s parked, he’s parked in a healthy scratch. It’s, you nailed it. Three coaches Green, Boudreau, Tocchet, they’re all having the same issues with him. And it’s his play without the puck. It’s not his play with the puck.