NHL Rumors: Vancouver Canucks Pending RFA Nils Hoglander

Donnie & Dhali: Allain Roy, the agent for Vancouver Canucks pending RFA forward Nils Hoglander, who has been playing in Abbotsford of the AHL.

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Rick Dhaliwal: “Let’s move over to Nils Hoglander. This is a player gets talked about a lot in Vancouver, Allain. He got sent down. Never brought back up.

Just give us your overall views on what’s happened with Nils this year in Vancouver.

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Roy: “Nils is in Abbotsford now. Playing a lot of mintues. Working on the details of the game. Will be back in the NHL. Very good player. Sometimes the business of the game is the business of the game.

At this point it’s kind of a little bit what’s taken over but at the end of the day he’s a great prospect and has been a good player. I think everybody in Vancouver is excited about him.”

Dhaliwal: “Allain, he’s an RFA. Any talks yet with the Canucks about a contract?

Roy: “No, not yet. We’re getting through this year and we’ll wait for the season to be over to start talking.”

Dhaliwal: “Was there any disappointment, him and (Jack) Rathbone are two guys Allain, that you know, kind of got, not forgotten, but sent down and it’s been really up and down. But were there any frustration on your behalf?”

Roy: “I don’t know anybody in pro sports that happy about being relegated to the minors. So it kind of goes without saying.”

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Don Taylor: “Do you think he’s been treated fairly, Nils, by the Canucks?”

Roy: “I think the communication has been good and I think that’s probably not a question for me but probably more a question for the Canucks.”