NHL Rumors: Which Team Could Connor Bedard Turn Around the Fastest?

Sportsnet: Jeff Marek and Greg Wyshynski on The Jeff Marek Show – MvsW: A Record That Will Never Be Broken? discuss which team could turn things around quicker if they won the draft lottery and were able to select Connor Bedard.

** NHLRumors.com transcription

Wyshynski: “What team do you think is closest to winning if they get Bedard?”

Marek: “That is a great one.”

Wyshynski: “Who do you think is the most set up for that right now?

There’s a part of me. Montreal definitely. Detroit’s in the conversation. Vancouver obviously.”

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Marek: “Listen, you know what, I think Philadelphia. Philadelphia can turn this thing around quick, but I’m factoring in trades. When you factor in trades I think Philadelphia.

Wyshynski: “Ya, no, no, without question.”

Marek: “Honestly, I think Philly cause when you think about what they’ll do with either (Ivan) Provorov or (Travis) Konecny or (Kevin) Hayes and what they can get in exchange, plus their own draft position, plus the emergence of Morgan Frost and (Tyson) Foerster and Sammy Ersson. They make a decision on Carter Hart.

I know that Philadelphia’s rebuilding here but if (GM Daniel) Briere can pull off the right moves, and if you can add a Connor Bedard. I think maybe my answer’s Philly. I think it is.”

Wyshynski: “What if you add Bedard to a team that has Patrik Laine, Johnny Gaudreau and Zach Werenski on it? ”

Marek: “I still don’t know about that mix.”

Wyshynski: “What if you add Connor Bedard to a team that has Logan Couture, Tomas Hertl and Erik Karlsson on it?”

Marek: “That’s the other one. You got a lot of vets with San Jose.

Wyshynski: “Fun thought experiment.”

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Marek: “That is a great thought experiment. That might be the one to because I don’t think San Jose is looking to rebuild at all. I don’t think they’re looking for picks and futures. No, no, no, no. They’re calling Edmonton and saying, ‘you want to send Draisailt our way?’

Wyshynski: “They are me frantically playing the Mega Millions in the hopes that I could just cut the line.”