NHL Rumors: Will the Winnipeg Jets moves start with goaltender Connor Hellebuyck?


Sportsnet 590 The FAN: Elliotte Friedman on The Jeff Marek Show on the offseason ahead for the Winnipeg Jets.

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Marek: “One team I want to throw in there quickly, I think we’re all expecting something big at some point. I don’t know which domino is going to be the first, but I mentioned the Winnipeg Jets a couple seconds ago.’

We all now and suspect what the moves are going to be and whose names are on the front burner here.

How quickly do you think (GM Kevin) Cheveldayoff gets to work now that it seems like, to be blunt, trade season is kind of on here?”

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Friedman: “Really, honestly, I think it starts and ends with (Connor) Hellebuyck. I shouldn’t say ends with Hellebuyck. I think it starts with Hellebuyck because I think he’s the one you’re probably going to get the most return for.

As you and I have talked about, there’s a really interesting goalie market out there. I think there’s teams looking. And so, I think people are kind of talking about who’s the goalie we want to go after and what’s that going to look like. So, I think a lot of this starts with Hellebuyck.

I think Winnipeg’s big challenge with (Pierre-Luc) Dubois is going to be, can you convince other teams out there, that there’s a market for him beyond Montreal? I don’t think it’s only Montreal for Dubois but I think we all believe it is his vast preference is to end up there.

So if you’re Montreal and you think that’s the case, you’re not paying a ransom for him. I think the most interesting thing there is, I think there’s teams out there looking at this like, we’ve got one more year of a really tight cap. If we’re a good team and if we think he can help us for a year, let’s go for it.

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Like I know last year, there were teams that looked at Dubois and said, ‘Hey, if we only get him for two years, we’ll take it.’

But what’s that trade look like? I think that’s one of the biggest questions. “