NHL Trade: Golden Knights send Shea Weber to the Coyotes


Ken Weekes: The Vegas Golden Knights have traded the contract of Shea Weber and a 2023 fifth-round pick to the Arizona Coyotes for defenseman Dysin Mayo.

Thoughts and reasonings behind this deal

Puck Pedia: (thread) “For #VegasBorn, this provides no net cap benefit for this season. It does provide benefit for future seasons, as teams have limited amount of tagging room (amount next year’s cap can be exceeded) & LTIR not factored in & provides more summer flexibility.

For #Yotes, this helps them get to the cap floor. Next year’s floor is likely $62-$63M, and even with Weber, they’re still just at $52.8M with 16 players.

After the trade, #VegasBorn have the exact same $8.75M of Cap Space they had prior. The difference is that now they have more ability to take on players with contracts extending past this season.

Regarding summer flexibility, a team can exceed cap by 10% in off-season, without factoring in LTIR. Otherwise, team needs to set their LTIR pool in summer, which makes it difficult to optimize. #ALLCAPS had to do that this summer with Backstrom & lost $2M of potential LTIR pool.”

Cap Friendly: “Why would #Yotes do this deal? Mayo is owed: 1. $234k this season 2. $2M next 2 seasons Total: $2.2M

Weber: 1. $827k this season 2. $1.2M next 3 ($3M at approx 60% injury insured) Total: $2M

For a minuscule salary difference, they receive a 5th and get closer to the cap floor.”

Darren Dreger: “Pretty clear, the Golden Knights move the Weber contract to crest more flexibility leading up to the deadline and the offseason.”

Greg Wyshynski: Love that bit of business for the @ArizonaCoyotes and  @GoldenKnights on Shea Weber.

– Vegas cleans up its offseason salary cap a bit.
– Coyotes leverage a 5th-rounder.
– Coyotes get some cap floor insurance and a player who is only due $3M over the next 3 seasons.”

Cap Friendly: “Prior to shedding Weber’s contract, #VegasBorn was the only team we projected above the upper limit next season based on their currently signed contracts. They are now 4th at $80M, behind: 1. CGY ($82M) 2. VAN ($81M) 3. TBL ($80.3M)”

Cap Friendly: “Between Shea Weber, Andrew Ladd, and Bryan Little, the #Yotes have $18.6M in IR cap hit. This is 26% of their total team cap hit.”

Craig Morgan: “The Coyotes legends who never played a game here lineup is really shaping up now.:

Hossa — Datsyuk — Little
Pronger — Weber

Dave Bolland will center the second line whenever it materializes. Really need a goalie.”